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MyPetWalker is a customisable pet services app. It enables more efficient booking, time management and payments while reducing lost revenue through cancellations.

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About Us

We're passionate about pets, and the MyPetWalker App evolved to make things simple – for pet service businesses, their staff and their pets!

Running our own hectic dog walking business highlighted three main themes that caused issues – managing bookings, processing payments and dealing with cancellations. All consumed valuable time when we should have been out enjoying the fresh air with our amazing canines.

We’ve also gone further, adding functionality to how most dog walkers, boarders and doggy day care facilities make bookings. Because we love walking dogs, we’ll continue to add new features – and as we’re driven by what our users want we actively encourage feedback and ideas.

Whether you work solo, as a pair or part of a larger team, our dedicated team is available to offer 24/7 support 365 days a year to make using the App easy and profitable. We are contactable by phone, email, WhatsApp, chat messenger and text.

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Online Bookings

Every pet name, pick-up point and schedule in one place. In real time.

The MyPetWalker App puts you in control of your business. At home or on the go, your daily, weekly and monthly bookings are always visible. Even last-minute requests can be accepted, confirmed and added to your next walk/services and bookings are paid for as they are made.


Last-minute cancellations impact on all businesses, especially when payments have not been received.

It means lost time and less revenue for you. NOT with the MyPetWalker App. Upfront payments establish commitment from clients and guarantee cash-flow when appointments are cancelled. Refunds and rescheduled walks/services can be arranged at your discretion, on your terms.

The MyPetWalker App gives you free time too with reduced administration and paperwork. No time consuming invoicing, chasing payments becomes a thing of the past and no lost payments. You will receive all your late booking fees and keep your cancellation fees. YOU are in control of YOUR business.



Making payments simple is the goal of any business, and the MyPetWalker App puts cash-flow management at your fingertips.

A standardized method of payment, on your terms, that enables you to plan how your business operates. When you receive payments clients are automatically emailed a receipt. Your accounts are simplified, organised and accurate.


Benefits You Will Love


The MyPetWalker App might be easy to use, but it’s also yours to customise. Personalise your pricing structure to your business requirements, create incentives to encourage early bookings and offer discounts to loyal clients. Run the App to achieve your business goals.

As your business grows, your MyPetWalker App grows too. It’s easy to add new staff members, allocate pets, keep track of hours worked and manage holiday cover so your clients never miss out. The staff know their pets and services in advance.


Your details, payment records and client information is stored securely using all current and modern methods of security, including SSL and DDoS protection. Data is only accessible to those with login rights. Individual pet details, terms and conditions, privacy policy, contracts and bookings calendar – all safe!

The MyPetWalker App DOES NOT handle or hold any debit or credit card data. This is all processed by Stripe - one of the world's biggest and best payment gateways. All transactions are handled over secure 256bit encryption.


We have found that clients pay in various ways; cash, bank payment and some prefer to pay on receipt of an invoice. Having your clients pay upfront, and standardising how they pay, helps you to keep track of who, when and what has been paid. It also helps you manage your cashflow and reduces administration. The client will receive an email receipt so invoices are no longer required.

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Launch Your App

Designed to make your pet services business simple to manage, the MyPetWalker App is deceptively easy to use with a range of intuitive features that you can master in minutes. Keep tabs on bookings, payments, pets and staff – all at your fingertips.

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  • Book

    Your client books the pet service they require, selects their pet and chosen day. Discounts can be applied at your discretion for multiple bookings.

  • Manage

    Your client can view, cancel and reschedule bookings simply and effectively.

  • Paid

    Payments are made upfront by the client using Stripe, standardising how they pay with no invoices required.


Our Pricing Is Simple

Try the App and see how useful it is!


The MyPetWalker App is charged at 3%+20p per each booking.This fee is taken When the client pays by debit or credit card.

Fully tried and tested with various pet services, you are very likely to quickly off-set the cost. The extra money made through keeping cancellation fees, late booking fees, reducing the number of missed appointments/cancellations AND the time saved on admin and invoicing using the MyPetWalker App, usually exceeds the total costs many times over and charges are...

100% deductible on your tax's a no brainer!


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